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a felt cap (usually red) for a man


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Since the ambassador was asked to remove his tarboosh by a person whose suggestions could hardly be ignored, this incident was reflected in the Western and Egyptian press as a scandalous humiliation of the Egyptian ambassador, and the Al-Ahram newspaper urged the Egyptian government to recall the ambassador in protest.
Tarboosh has been tireless in her efforts to improve the economic situation in her home city.
For example, the palace of Muhammad Ali, at Ras el Tin, which, frankly, resembles nothing more than a derelict factory was part of it all and allows you to make a contrast with a superb society photograph of the upmarket Alexandria Flower Show which was taken in the 1930s with men in suits wearing the tarboosh and women in French couture.
Dubai: FM Ulvi Bajarani of Azerbaijan, the top seed, FM Ward Al Tarboosh of Syria, and WFM Aleksandra Goryachkina of Russia shared the lead with four points after the fourth round of Dubai Junior Open Chess Championship held at Dubai Chess and Culture Club.
Known in Egypt as the tarboosh (from the Persion 'sar' meaning 'head' and 'poosh' meaning 'cover') the reddish-burgundy hat was worn by all male government officials from the king to his civil servants.
Kenneth Landon writes that in the early half of the twentieth century, 'older Malay communities have members who speak both Malay and Siamese and who follow their religion only to the point of refraining from pork-eating and wearing the tarboosh.
A candle shaped as an old tarboosh with golden tassel is on sale, as is a set of Turkish coffee cups labeled ziyada, sada and mazboot, referencing how one takes their coffee in Egypt: with extra sugar, plain or just right with one sugar, respectively.
Part one offers a romantic view of wild loving, fueled by hard-drinking: the Citroen is exotic, part of the vision of "Paris; April 1934" to which the speaker is transported through time and space; the scene is idyllic as his actions are seen through a romantic, nostalgic gauze with its Delacroix brocaded drapery, red cummerbund, tarboosh and personal driver.
There also exist male head coverings that serve different social and religious functions in Muslim societies, such as the well-known kaffieh or kaffiya (headscarf), the similar ghutrah, the turban, and, in earlier periods, the fez and tarboosh.
The cover of the present Parkway edition, showing Cecil in uniform, complete with tarboosh and huge moustache, does nothing to encourage the contemporary reader more likely to judge a book by the cover.
His tarboosh surmounted a cotton skullcap, revealing a crafty face with a prominent nose, a ruddy complexion, which was always covered with beads of perspiration.
Midgley on a high It was a good day for Yorkshire trainer Paul Midgley as after winning the opening race at York with Desert Law he completed an across-the-card double with Tarboosh in the 5f handicap.
The Western sense of dress is more apparent in the changing styles of men, who relinquished the traditional jilbab and tarboosh for pants and shirts.
Our report from the time said: "Taking part in it were children born and brought up in Cardiff, wearing the gorgeous raiment brought from the East by their fathers and topped by all manner of headdress, from a turban to a tarboosh.
Habache also designed a collection of handbags shaped as the iconic traditional tarboosh flat-topped red hat with its side swept black tassel, dating back to the Ottoman era.