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Mexican frog found within a jump or two of water

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For almost two decades, the Tarahumara frog (Rana tarahumarae) has been absent from the southern Arizona canyons and deep plunge pools to which it had adapted over millennia.
The Tarahumara frog is known historically from 63 localities within montane canyons from extreme southern Arizona south to northern Sinaloa and southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico.
Throughout its range, the Tarahumara frog is typically associated with canyons and deep plunge pools formed among boulders or in bedrock.
Why the Tarahumara frog disappeared from Arizona is not clear.
A restoration program developed by the Tarahumara Frog Conservation Team calls for reestablishing the frog into at least two of its historic localities in Arizona.
In May 2000, part of a Tarahumara frog egg mass was collected from the Sierra La Madera in northern Sonora (the closest known population to historic localities in the United States.
With funding from the Fish and Wildlife Service's North American Free Trade Agreement Borderlands Program, the Tarahumara Frog Conservation Team and the Arizona Game and Fish Department are pursuing approval from the Arizona Game and Fish Commission (a separate state entity) to reestablish the frog in Big Casa Blanca and Sycamore canyons in 2002.