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the sound of light blow or knock

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Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning, Soon I heard again a tapping somewhat louder than before.
Easy sparring now"; "No roughhouse, Bideaux"; "Just light tapping, you know," were admonitions variously addressed to the Iron Man.
Billy was too completely the master, guarding every blow, himself continually and almost at will tapping the other's face and body.
But the tapping was repeated, and with the same gentle, slow insistence as before.
Then I thought I heard a faint tapping on the wall--the mere ghost of the familiar signal.
She laughed; and again sat tapping her lips with her fan, and tossing her head, as if she added, 'Don't tell me.
The Mister's footsteps moved toward the sink and after that I guessed he was stretching for my tapping stick near his red toolbox.
A smaller drill can produce a smaller minor diameter, but it may also add tapping force because of the greater amount of metal displacement.
Tapping is a science in that the taps (metal spouts) and the 7/16-inch drill bit must be very clean.
Spar is added with the charge and during melting, again with the intent of breaking up the bottom build-up and tapping it out.
Most companies have these charts that advise a drill size to be used when tapping a specific thread.
Tapping pioneer and professor of tapology Brenda Bufalino has written a memoir that covers her Swampscott, MA background, her apprenticeship and partnership with tap legend Honi Coles, her love of nature as a source for creativity, and her vision for the future of tap.
The water can be collected only at the spring or through a bore hole tapping the underground source.