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Synonyms for tapestry

something that resembles a tapestry in its complex pictorial designs

a heavy textile with a woven design


a wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs


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Zeitlin was first elected to Tapestry's board of directors in June 2006 and has served as the chairman of the board since November 2014.
The Mranaw tapestry weavers I knew from nearly 30 years ago have all passed away, and so it was such happiness to meet Samsia Panumpang, tapestry weaver.
"A tapestry is, more than anything else, a great storytelling device," explained Valerie Wilson, costume and textiles curator at National Museums Northern Ireland.
The Great Tapestry of Scotland which will be managed by charity Live Borders - will kickstart a new future for Galashiels, alongside a number of other projects which will provide a host of benefits for the town and the Scottish Borders.
Andrew Crummy invited Cabinet Secretary for Health, Jeane Freeman to put the first stitch in the Cancer Tapestry, a new project initiated by him to tell a story that affects all of us in one way or another.
His parents (played by veterans Tina Louise and Burt Young) do all they can to set their troubled son on a course for recovery but perhaps the real answer lie in the Tapestry of life and the role God has in all our lives.
The Mortlake Tapestry - named after its place of manufacture in south London - is being cleaned and brought back to life by a team of conservators following generous support from both The Leche Trust and The Drapers' Charitable Fund.
The contract calls for the deployment of Tapestry's Global Distribution Management System (GDMS) to track and manage civilian contractors who move Army equipment and supplies throughout Kuwait, the Trans-Arabian Network and Iraq.
The catalogue is prefaced by Elizabeth Hancock's insightful account of Burrell's motivations and methods for collecting and displaying tapestry. To begin with, business took Burrell to Europe, but through this came opportunities to collect and to explore its medieval cities.
A number of original features have been retained in the Tapestry building as a reminder of its former industrial use.
Richard Jennions, whose family owns hat maker Try & Lilly, met Jason and the ECHO in Tapestry's almost-finished bar area, below trendy exposed filament lightbulbs.
The British Museum would be "honoured and delighted" to display the tapestry if it comes to the UK, its director has said.
THERESA May has hailed plans for the 950-year-old Bayeux Tapestry to be loaned to Britain as a scrap for the right to display the historic artwork began.
France will lend Britain the Bayeux Tapestry, an 11th century treasure that tells the tale of how William the Conqueror came to invade England in 1066, an official at the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris said on Wednesday.