tapering off

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gradually decreasing until little remains

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Moderate Life Cycle Fund with maximum exposure to equity capped at 50 percent at the age of 35 years and tapering off thereafter (LC-50).
"We expect inflation to peak in the third quarter and taper off by October." By Pernia's own estimate, we can expect prices to continue rising up to the third quarter of this year - September - before, he hopes, tapering off.
Thunder stones tapering off throughout the day give way to partly cloudy skies.
by Times News Service The number of visitors to Wadi Bani Khalid swelled to 2,726 on June 29 before tapering off to around 1,800 visitors the next day.
With so much dependency on fuel, having to switch to indigenous fuel resources would mean slowly tapering off the imports of crude oil in order to bring about the swift introduction of its natural replacement.
A reinforcing rubber tapering off toward the outer side in the tire radial direction is provided adjacently to the outer side in the tire radial direction of the inner end of the chafer.
The action of tapering off the USD85bn monthly asset purchase plan is expected to lead to an increase in interest rates in the US and across the globe, as well as reducing house prices, which had risen sharply in recent times.
Summary: The Indian government tries to show that the rupee is being weakened by externalities, like tapering off QE and poor global conditions which have hit all emerging markets, but the reality is that the externalities are only multiplying the effect of the poor policy making and governance of the current government.