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a spread consisting of capers and black olives and anchovies made into a puree with olive oil

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Tapenade is often served in Mediterranean countries on toast as a canape but in England the oldest use was from an old menu from the Hole in the Wall in Bath run by the late George Perry-Smith who was way ahead of his time.
Apart from the fact that men will feel as though they've inadvertently walked into a Sex and the City premiere, Tapenade is a great lunch spot.
Baked goats cheese sourdough with tapenade and pine nuts and blend or work with a pestle and mortar until smooth.
To make the tapenade, put all the ingredients, except the oil, in a food processor, add seasoning and blend.
Put the all the other ingredients into a bowl and mix in some of the tapenade, (keeping a teaspoonful back) tasting to see when you've put enough in.
Spoon tapenade over spinach, leaving a 1-inch border of spinach.
Stir in the 1/2 tsp tapenade, mascarpone cheese and parmesan, then cover with clingfilm to keep it warm
CIBO Naturals produces a variety of refrigerated gourmet sauces and spreads including fresh pesto sauces, flavored cheeses, bruschetta toppings and tapenade spreads.
Tapenade recently opened at G/F, Discovery Primea, Ayala Avenue, where Gilarmi Apartments once stood.
He's also a lover of the tapenade below, an anchovy-free variation on the classic relish and one guaranteed to liven up anything with tomatoes from a simple sandwich to a salad or pasta.
To serve, place a tsp of tapenade on each slice of toast and top with at wist of parma ham.
If you're game, give Chocolate Lava Cake, Beef and Vegetable Samosas, Macaroni and Cheese With Olive Tapenade, Yogurt Baked Chicken and Peanut Butter Cookies - to name a few - a whirl.