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measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths

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One group continually programmed Dash incorrectly, causing the robot to turn away from the tapeline. Frustration was evident in their voices when they realized Dash should have turned left instead of right or vice versa.
The antler length of the main beam was measured on the inside of the antler from the burr to the outer tip by tapeline. At 18 days after casting the main beam length was 5.8 cm and was growing at a rate of 0.32 cm/d.
If we didn't want to run extra tapeline sprints, we didn't ask to borrow his hairbrush.
The location measurements were made using a tapeline. The individual drills were photographed, counted, and measured for height (mm), taken as the distance between the apex and the lower edge of the shell (Lindner, 1983), using a digital caliper.
Up to 85 m of the individual paths are recorded in detail with a compass and tapeline, to obtain the orientation and tortuosity of movements.
A can of Cola was placed at the end of the tapeline during each condition.
The complete and incomplete sutures had their length measured with a millimetered tapeline. The shape of the complete sutures was observed and described.