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electronic equipment for playing back magnetic tapes

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In fact, Jason came to camp for the full season the next six summers, and we made adjustments to his activities in light of his quirky behaviors, such as setting aside time to make sand castles on the beach--all while he listened to Carousel on his tape player.
Poor Shane Long, being interviewed by a clutch of media in the Villa Park mixed zone, had to pretty much leap out of the firing line as the antique tape player headed for his shin.
Unfortunately, my 8-track tape player was in the shop for repairs and the 8-track tape player repair shop was closed as the owners were on vacation.
It came on a beige plastic cassette from Woolies, and my parents also bought me a flat, brick-like, mono tape player (replete with a single, hearing aid-type earphone) to play it on.
Catalano on February 13, 2007, for violating a state law that makes it a crime to "amplify the sound produced by a radio, tape player, or other mechanical soundmaking device or instrument from within the motor vehicle" so that the sound is "plainly audible at a distance of 25 feet or more.
Measuring 11 x 8 x 3cm and weighing just 170g, it can even be used as a portable tape player (headphones required).
As Owlface reaches into his pocket to get his handkerchief to wipe off his glasses the tape player falls off his lap onto the ground and the tape pops out.
the garage, where they have a tape player, and when he puts it in, whose voice should come on but Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush, who committed suicide two weeks ago.
Wrong Year: The inventions that don't belong are: a radio, a CD player, a telephone, a TV, a calculator, a laptop computer, a curling iron, an electric toothbrush, a tape player, and a flashlight.
The committee has determined the teacher removed the tape from a tape player as the school principal decided to play it without consent from other teachers and that the prefectural board of education ''transgressed its discretion'' by reprimanding him for the action, the officials said.
Little Parisa (Parisa Poorghasemi) cherishes her family's old tape player as the only medium to hear recordings of her late father singing of traditional folksongs.
According to the court, Title II conflicted with the policy of giving prison officials wide latitude to create prison policies and anticipate security problems, and the state had a rational basis for regulating the inmate's access to a walking cane, talking book, and tape player.
People whose "radio, tape player, CD player, music speaker, loudspeaker or other similar device" can be heard or whose thumping bass can be felt up to 50 feet from their cars are the targets of the bill.
Using a tape player with an automatic repeat function is helpful for keeping the music going as long as you need it to play.