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measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths

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The QuickDraw tape measure is the only of its kind on the market fitted with a graphite roller, enabling the user to track a straight line.
Take the paper planes and one chair, tape measure, and masking tape per group into an open space like a hallway or gymnasium.
Although it's best to have someone else take your measurements, it's also totally possible to do it on your own, with a little bit of patience, a tape measure and a full-length mirror.
A GOOD tape measure is essential for DIYING, and the 5m Stanley FatMax Pro Tape Measure (PS19.
PRODUCT OF THE WEEK good tape measure essential for DIYING, and the 5m Stanley FatMax Pro Tape Measure (PS19.
A good tape measure is essential for DIYING and the 5m Stanley FatMax Pro Tape Measure (PS19.
We are committed to work together, to come up with an enhanced anti-red tape measure.
Despite widespread use, the tape measure is a relatively new tool.
Tape measure collection I collect tape measures, I'm fascinated by them.
Compact and durable, the eTape16 digital tape measure features a metal blade in imperial and metric markings, plus a large, easy-to-read digital readout accurate to 1/16-inch or 1 mm.
A tape measure is a narrow, flexible and retractable ruler.
It extends to 10 feet like a standard tape measure, and incorporates decoders embedded in the tape and a laser scanner that captures the item's bar code.
A man has died after being hit in the head with a tape measure which fell 50 storeys off a building site.
Keep your scissors and tape measure on hand with this fun little scissor clip/ tape measure combo.
London, March 23 ( ANI ): Experts have revealed that a simple tape measure can help you calculate obesity better than the lengthy and often confusing current body mass index (BMI).