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a hard grey lustrous metallic element that is highly resistant to corrosion

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Tantalum detects the collision, assesses the severity, and automatically transmits critical details in real time to axitech who facilitates immediate action, either to an automated first notification of loss centre or to emergency responders.
Tantalum says that this can allow for fairer road charging based on actual emissions as well as giving city planners valuable data to build cleaner, smarter and healthier cities.
The incident could lead to a spike in tantalum spot prices because the tantalum market has a long history of overreaction.
Lehnert and colleagues observed tantalum with a detector designed to catch photons emitted in the decay process.
There are many design factors that contribute to the DCL and inherent reliability of microchip-sized tantalum capacitors.
Just like MLCCs, as the size of tantalum chip capacitors diminishes, the percentage of its total package volume consumed by the inactive elements increases.
The heat exchangers in Alfa Laval's new tantalum range are stainless steel heat exchangers that have undergone a unique treatment where a thin layer of tantalum is metallurgically bonded to all surfaces exposed to corrosive media.
With the restart and expansion of major tantalum mines worldwide, the supply is anticipated to see significant growth.
In Estonia plasmochemical production of niobium and tantalum is using an environmentally friendly technology.
Acquiring Niotan is a significant step in securing and stabilising our tantalum powder resources.
Announces Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment for Upper Fir Tantalum and Niobium Deposit, Blue River, B.
Perth, Australia, Oct 27, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX:GXY) is pleased to announce it has delivered the second shipment of tantalum concentrate from its Mt Cattlin mine in Western Australia, under its five-year sales agreement with Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd ("GAM").
The price of tantalum could rise sharply in the next six months, leaving the electronics industry unable to deliver products quickly and backing up the supply chain.
LONDON - The global economic downturn had a marked effect on the tantalum supply/demand balance.
The main task of the investigations was the evaluation of the effect of the ratio of the concentration of tantalum and rhenium in the ZhS-32 alloy on the rate of high temperature gas corrosion in order to optimise this ratio for improving the parameters of high-temperature corrosion resistance.