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an airplane constructed to transport chemicals that can be dropped in order to fight a forest fire

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The accident came about two years after an air tanker plane crashed on a forested mountainside in south-western Utah in June 2012 while on a mission to drop chemical fire retardant on an 8,000-acre (3,238-hectare) blaze near the Nevada border.
If so, the legal barrier against an ASDF tanker plane directly carrying out a joint and unified military operation with U.S.
In its bid to secure the contract, EADS had offered to create 48,000 US jobs directly by assembling the tanker plane, which would have been based on the A-330 model, at a new plant in Mobile, Alabama.
Airbus, EADS, Northrop Grumman WTO avoids landing in tanker plane contract dispute World Trade Organization Secretary-General Pascal Lamy says his organization will not get involved in a dispute among the U.S., France and Germany over a $35 billion contract to replace 179 aging U.S.
His sister, Jeannette Winters, also a marine sergeant, was among seven killed on January 9 when their tanker plane crashed in Pakistan.
Bertrand, 23, was one of seven crew members killed in the crash of a KC-130 refueling tanker plane last Wednesday in a mountainous area near the Afghanistan border in Pakistan.
A US MILITARY tanker plane has crashed into a mountain in Pakistan, killing all seven Marines on board.
Another six are stationed at Al Khaj in Saudia Arabia, with four Jaguars bombers - supported by a VC10 tanker plane - a short flight away at Incirlik, Turkey.
In a statement, the Air Force said the dispatch consists of three B-52 bombers, three B-2 aircraft and a supporting tanker plane.
In the worst-case scenario - both for EADS and the Pentagon - Congress could withhold funding for the tanker plane programme.
WASHINGTON: Two rival bidders expressed optimism on Friday that they could win a multi-billion dollar US military contract to build a new tanker plane, a day after the Pentagon said the competition was reopened.
FLAMES OF FEAR Huge fire at edge of LA park; RAGING: Inferno's angry glow dwarfs the Griffith Observatory; FIGHT: Tanker plane spews down flame retardant in bid to stop blaze; ICON: Plumes of smoke rise close to world-famous Hollywood sign; BRAVE BATTLE Fire crews face up to the blaze
A tanker plane tries to extinguish the flames of a fire which has already destroyed 1,250 acres of scrubland near the French southern port of Collioure.
An extra tanker plane is being sent to back up the Harriers.
The British parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts has criticised the UK government's decision to spend GBP10 billion on EADS' Airbus A330 MRTT military tanker plane. The news will not be welcome at EADS at a time when the European company's long battle with Boeing for a US$35 billion contract to supply a version of the aircraft to the US Defence Department its about to reach its climax.