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a form of Japanese poetry

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a Tibetan religious painting on fabric

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The current paper evaluates the trends of Tanka poetry in the Japanese colonial era within the Japanese literature by Japanese residents in Joseon and attempts to identify the route by which the Joseon literary circles reached the canon of national literature.
Preliminary investigations revealed that Tanka whom the accused claimed was his mother, was once charged and convicted of the same offence and that her identity card and passport were forfeited to the state.
told Mails that the more humble and unselfish a person is, the more willing Wakan Tanka and his helpers of the four directions are willing to work through them.
Later this evening in Beijing, Prime Minister Nepal will attend a reception hosted in his honour by Nepali Ambassador to China, Tanka Prasad Karki.
The novel tells these two stories: the story of Bottle Seal 55, a hunted escapee from the Hydro factory, and her desire to return home to Cherry Heaven; and the story of Kat and Tanka, a story of privilege as they become friends with Aran, whose father owns the Hydro factory and who is keeping a secret of his own.
We want future Rolph Harrises and Quentin Blakes to send us their pictures for the chance to win signed books by Steve Webb, author and illustrator of Tanka Tanka Skunk, and other goodies from the Laing.
The Imperial Household Agency on Tuesday released the names of 10 amateur poets of ''tanka,'' a traditional Japanese verse form, who will be invited to a Jan.
Screened at Locarno as an example of the moralizing films about children that appeared in the Soviet Union in the '20s, "Tanka the Innkeeper" is the edifying story of a little girl who turns her evil father in to the authorities, thereby earning the right to become a young communist pioneer.
A great majority of Sanchez's latest collection of poems are entitled haiku, tanka, or sonku.
The new book does add some poems by a few previously included gendaishi poets and by two haiku poets and one tanka poet.
Japanese poet who was a master of tanka (a traditional Japanese verse form) and whose works enjoyed immediate popularity for their freshness and startling imagery.
Tenders are invited for construction of rain water harvesting tanka at farmers field (20 nos.) communtiy tanka in sub committee (watershed) gram panchayat dhadhar village- dhadhar in churu / iwmp-37, p.S churu
She then offers an extensive discussion of such related poetic forms as tanka, sijo, and the collaborative art of renga for those who wish to further expand their appreciation of Asian verse.
Nicholas." Sanchez's most stylistically innovative collection, Wounded in the House of a Friend ends with the poet's haiku and tanka poems and with "Improvization," an intensely creative poem that echoes the 1960s and demonstrates the maturity of Sanchez's craft.
While the Japanese haiku has become extremely popular as a poetic form in English, the longer tanka is less well known outside Japan.