tank suit

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a woman's one-piece bathing suit

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While most of us are hitting snooze, then stumbling out of bed clamoring for coffee, Carrie Sloan is bobbing in San Francisco Bay in her tank suit, goggles, and chin-strap cap.
But my favorite is Ghost, 1998, a pubescent girl in a tank suit, so uncomfortable with her own adolescently morphing body, she feels as conspicuous as if she were seven feet tall.
New York, July 2 ( ANI ): While modest ladies would normally rejoice at news that little string bikinis are out and the tank suit is making a comeback - these are more cut-out than cut-in.
There are swim minis that skirt thigh issues on the beach but also go into the water, swimsuit bottoms with little drawstrings that let you choose how much coverage you want and tank suits with flattering higher necklines.
Instead, there are shorter, sleeveless wool athletic tank suits.