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The effective resistance of the tank circuit drives a damping effect of the observed signal.
However, the matching gate capacitances of NMOS and PMOS of the active network and tank circuit optimization, neither of which requires additional circuits, can reduce the start-up time [37, 38].
Controlling the pulse width of the input voltage to the tank circuit regulates the output voltage of the converter.
As the phase noise of LC integrated VCOs highly depends on the quality factor of the tank circuit, (1) special emphasis must be made in the design of the inductor and varactor.
In this case, the VCO oscillation frequency is close to the self-resonant frequency of the loaded tank circuit and the phase noise is minimized.
Hiroki Ueno, a crystal-design engineer at Abracon explained that an overtone oscillator requires the addition of an LC tank circuit (Figure 2).
2] form a positive feedback loop to provide negative resistance to compensate for the loss in the L-C tank circuit.
We are also pleased to report that the onsite modifications necessary to install the leach tank circuit to our pilot plant at the Columbus Project are proceeding on schedule," continued Birnie.
A second tuned circuit is used as the tank circuit to achieve the desired bandwidth.
SPT&D) announced that Northeast Utilities (NU) has purchased four of its new 550-kilovolt (kV) dead tank circuit breakers with FA5 spring-spring operator technology - the first of their kind in the United States.
The close-in phase noise is decided mainly by the loaded Q of the VCO tank circuit, the flicker noise and the corner frequency of the VCO active device.
The oscillator is obtained by adding a tank circuit as shown in Figure 6.
A VCO consists of a tank circuit and a positive feedback amplifier.
5 GHz), Except for the junction capacitance of the transistor, four elements in the series tank circuit are to be determined, which are the emitter series capacitor [C.
This solution includes a 21-bit sigma-delta fractional-N synthesizer, high Q tank circuit, output switch, and an extremely low phase noise VCO.