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Synonyms for shrinkage

process or result of becoming less or smaller

the amount by which something shrinks

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the act of stealing goods that are on display in a store

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In total, 18 trees (three trees for each clone) were selected on the basis of stem form, health condition, and D (with mean values) for measuring wood properties, such as basic density (BD), microfibril angle (MFA) of wood fibers, radial and tangential shrinkages per 1 percent change in moisture content (RS and TS, respectively), compressive strength parallel to grain (CS), modulus of elasticity (MOE), and modulus of rupture (MOR).
Wide, flat-sawn boards will cup as they dry because one side of the board has more tangential shrinkage than the other, due to the curving growth rings (Fig.
Significant positive correlations between radial and tangential shrinkages and BD were found.
In practice, due to practicality and simplicity, the coefficient of tangential shrinkage must be taken into consideration when determining the net sawn board thickness, regardless of the sawn board's grain according to Equations 11 and 12.
Characterization of tangential shrinkage stresses of wood during drying under superheated steam above 100[degrees]C.
This can be further explained by the significantly increased shrinkages (tangential shrinkage for the loaded LR specimen and radial shrinkage for the loaded LT specimen) in the loading direction (Figs.
The 7.2 percent mean tangential shrinkage from green to ovendry of the three subalpine fir trees was similar to the 7.4 percent reported in the Wood Handbook.
The relationships between tangential shrinkage stresses and moisture content change at various RHs from high-temperature saturated steam drying were significantly different from those of the radial stresses reported in an early study.