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Synonyms for tangential

Synonyms for tangential

of superficial relevance if any


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A less commonly studied tangential blowing configuration is to extend the apparent length of a moving belt by applying the blowing just downstream of the belt.
As with the correlation between the MOE of OSB from the control tree and anatomical properties, the tangential latewood cell wall thickness and the tangential earlywood cell diameter showed strong correlation with the MOE of OSB from the thinned tree as well.
High efficiency line for woven fabrics equipped entry no stop, centering unit, drum steamer, equalizer pin chain, sanfor unit, big diameter palmer drum, drying cylinders, cooling cylinder and tangential plaiter.
first demonstrated the contraction of the outer eyewall and intensification of Saomai using the axisymmetric radar reflectivity, tangential winds, vertical vorticity, and pressure deficit derived from the ground-based velocity track display (GBVTD; Lee et al.
The lateral condyle tangential view was obtained by adjusting the direction of X-ray beam internal rotation a angle from sagittal plane to the point that X-ray beam was parallel to the lateral surface of the distal femur [Figure 2].
The tangential direction had more absorption than radial one; but this different was not tremendous.
Two popular tangential batch mixers are the Banbury and GKN series batch mixers.
Key words: tangential cutting force, dry turning, regression model, titanium alloy
These are (i) the boundary layer thickness is the same for the radial flow and tangential, (ii) secondary flow arises just inside the boundary layer, in the core, between the boundary layers, (iii) the medium rotate like a solid body with constant tangential velocity, (iv) the radial pressure gradient in the core is dominate between the gap, where the axial pressure gradient is 0 and (v) the radial and tangential velocity profile in the boundary layer which was assumed by [3] are used.
In a simple pressure swirl atomizer (Giffen and Muraszew 1953; Lefevbre 1983, 1989; Bayvel & Orzechowski 1993; Ramamurthi & Tharakan 1995, 1998), swirling motion is imparted to the liquid inside the atomizer by passing it through a swirling chamber, which results in a tangential velocity component in the flow.
Our main objective of this paper is to define the notion of pair-wise tangential mappings and to prove a common fixed point theorem of Gregus type for a quadruple of such self mappings of a metric space satisfying a strict general contractive condition of integral type.
Longitudinal, tangential and tear specimens were subjected to heat treatment according to the following preliminary conditions: normalization at [T.
The furnace selected for the present research has tangential over fire air registers to aid the suspension burning.