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hybrid between grapefruit and mandarin orange

large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit having a thick wrinkled skin

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Peruvian exports of mandarin, clementine and tangelo had an outstanding participation in 2017, reaching the seventh position in the world.
Lime and lemon trees had significantly greater infestation rates of D floridanus compared with infestation on grapefruit, tangerine, tangelo, sweet orange, and pummelo trees.
The log percent transfer of Salmonella to the gloved hands was significantly higher for Minneola tangelo, at 0.
If every disadvantaged neighborhood in the United States of America had a sponsor, someone who would create a Tangelo Park program, we would not recognize ourselves in 10 or 15 years--and that's my dream.
Plants have also been modified for qualities attractive to consumers, such as seedless watermelons and grapes and the tangerine-grapefruit hybrid called a tangelo.
The tangelo (Citrus x tangelo), is a citrusfruit, hybrid of tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit.
The bridesmaids wore floor-length eggplant gowns and carried bouquets of Tangelo roses and orange and purple calla lilies, all accented with berries.
Less popular varieties include citron, kaffir lime, bitter orange, pomelo, Ugli fruit, yuzu, and tangelo.
He also recommended sweet orange and Orlando tangelo for African greening, and sweet orange or Ponkan mandarin seedlings for Asian greening as indicator and Grapefruit seedlings in the absence of severe tristeza isolates [6].
Las actividades economicas de los pobladores de Mazamari son la agricultura (cultivan cafe, cacao, naranja, mandarina, tangelo, mani, platano y yuca), la ganaderia, la tala de arboles, el transporte y el comercio.
Setting: Feel of bamboo trees with scents of mandarin and tangelo wafting in
The tangelo is a recent hybridization of the grapefruit and the tangerine, and is a relative of the tangor, a hybrid of the tangerine and the orange.
La produccion Colombiana de citricos se compone en un 71% de naranjas, 15 % de mandarinas, 12% de lima acida, y el 2% de toronja, el tangelo y otros [1].
Sicilian blood oranges are used in Italy, but tangelo or temple oranges can be substituted.
Here, grapefruit is king, but orange, tangerine, tangelo, and Meyer lemon are also grown.