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press down tightly

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Netanyahu, Abbas and other people in positions of power need to "try to tamp down rhetoric that may feed violence or anger or misunderstanding," Obama said.
Shedding light on the Kashmir issue, Sartaj Aziz noted that certain elements are making all out efforts to tap into the global war on terror as a pretext to tamp down struggle of the oppressed people for self-determination.
That specificity raises tantalizing prospects for developing a drug that could tamp down chronic pain without causing problems elsewhere.
After a decade of subtler celebrations in the 1990s, a period when the country's leaders hoped to tamp down Soviet-era traditions, the traditional Victory Day pomp and circumstance returned in full force when Putin came to power.
The crisis had left a negative impact on the economy, politics and security, he said, stressing the need to tamp down the tension without further delay.
The use of commodities, from traditional copper sheets to perishables such as soybeans and rubber, to raise finance has been increasingly popular in recent years as Chinese policymakers have sought to tamp down rapid credit growth.
But regime officials tried to tamp down that speculation, saying some personal retribution might be behind the kidnapping.
According to Huffington Post, the two other agents were complicit because they didn't assist or tamp down the agent's behavior.
Contributions to international peace-keeping, which helps to tamp down on violence in conflict-ridden countries such as Mali, will be reduced by $20 m (R200 m).
As the financial markets veer in an unpredictable fashion, goaded, no doubt, by the continuing budget battled in Washington, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and fee-based advisors are increasingly turning to alternative investments, tactical management and tax-deferred strategies to tamp down volatility and mitigate taxes.
The National Coffee Association (NCA), New York, is actively working on legislative and regulatory opportunities to tamp down the impact of Proposition 65 on the United States coffee industry.
But with the use of plastic bags turning more rampant than ever -- in fact, authorities concede there are no up-to-date figures on yearly consumption levels -- the ministry is moving to tamp down on this widespread practice.
Fill with good seed compost, tamp down, then distribute the seed evenly on its surface.
Earlier on Tuesday, North Korea's leader appeared to tamp down hostile rhetoric that had threatened impending war with the United States and South Korea.
Some say wolves and wild dogs circled to tamp down grass to create a bed.