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Synonyms for tamp

a tool for tamping (e

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press down tightly

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We know from the success of TWI that we have exactly what the industry needs, and I'm confident TAMP will be a location of regional and national importance.
We choose to work with trusted technology and marketing providers who understand our specific needs as a TAMP as well as the needs of our advisors and their clients.
The reports from the crews using Ergo Tamp have been positive with a noticeable vibration reduction to their wrists, elbows and shoulders," McMullen said.
TAMP is not available during terminal/ transitional leave.
Once filled, tamp down the concrete with a long plank.
With just the push of a button, fully automatic coffee centers grind, tamp, and pressure-brew a programmed amount of coffee, and then discard the used coffee in under 50 seconds.
Out on the mountainside it's a daylong dance of bend and scrape, bend and dig, bend and plant, bend and tamp.
Once you've dug the trench, tamp the dirt with the tamping tool (Photo 4).
NASDAQ: VITA), an orthobiologics and biosurgery company, announced today the launch of the Aliquot[TM] Directional Bone Tamp.
While it's possible that much of the TAMP business was generated from newly independent breakaway brokers who were used to charging 200 bps anyway, I still found the economics troubling.
For advisors who seek investment management support and are looking to transition directly to an alternate Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP), Folio Institutional said it can recommend several TAMP partners already resident on the Folio Institutional platform.
TAMP has announced they are expanding their TAMP management team by hiring long-time investment industry veteran, Harold Clemons, as National Sales Director.
The company recently bought Discovery Park, the former Pfizer research and development site in Kent, and is now working on TAMP .
Tharo Systems' PAl2001DT Dual Tamp Label Printer/Applicator can print and apply labels to two adjacent carton/ product surfaces: Front and side.