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Undoubtedly, all men are not equally fit subjects for civilization; and because the majority, like dogs and sheep, are tame by inherited disposition, this is no reason why the others should have their natures broken that they may be reduced to the same level.
Of those I kept alive several, even the first day, became quite tame, not attempting to bite or to run away; others were a little wilder.
It is said he spoke as well as I speak when I talk Raven language; this I learned from my tame sweetheart.
I'll speak to my tame sweetheart about it: she must advise us; for so much I must tell you, such a little girl as you are will never get permission to enter.
A single lamp was burning there; and on the floor stood the tame Raven, turning her head on every side and looking at Gerda, who bowed as her grandmother had taught her to do.
My intended has told me so much good of you, my dear young lady," said the tame Raven.
I looked upon their case to have been worse at this time than mine was at any time, after I first discovered the grains of barley and rice, and got into the manner of planting and raising my corn, and my tame cattle; for now they had, as I may say, a hundred wolves upon the island, which would devour everything they could come at, yet could be hardly come at themselves.
When they saw what their circumstances were, the first thing they concluded was, that they would, if possible, drive the savages up to the farther part of the island, south-west, that if any more came on shore they might not find one another; then, that they would daily hunt and harass them, and kill as many of them as they could come at, till they had reduced their number; and if they could at last tame them, and bring them to anything, they would give them corn, and teach them how to plant, and live upon their daily labour.
They had taught them both to plant corn, make bread, breed tame goats, and milk them: they wanted nothing but wives in order for them soon to become a nation.
Back then, I wasn't sure if Tame Impaia were even going to cross over.
In the early hours of Sunday, December 7, a tired Syms went upstairs to sleep in his girlfriend's bed, but later she and Mr Tame came up demanding he leave.
The judge said she had tried to minimise what had happened and attempted to cover up the fact Mr Tame had been pushed down a full flight of stairs and that he had been hit over the head while helpless.
In this new role, Tame will head the South African operations, the Avincis helicopter services group and business development in the Middle East.
Descending on the confines of The Institute to smash the Monday blues, Tame Impala cast their now-familiar psychedelic spell over 1,500 mesmerised souls with a veritable array of kaleidoscopic soundscapes and awe-inspiring visuals.
WMBC executive director James Watkins added: "The floods that have impacted on the business community in the River Tame area have cost the regional economy millions of pounds.