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The tamarau (Bubalus mindorensis) is endemic to Mindoro and is known for its aggressive behaviour when cornered.
Caraan said that despite the presence of laws protecting it, the tamarau needs to be continuously safeguarded in order to thrive.
"It's the practices that threaten the tamarau, the ones that are encroaching on their territory.
"This is good news, and it shows that the tamaraus exist all over Mindoro," Luis Caraan, Western Mindoro Project Manager of the Worldwide Fund for Nature-Philippines (WWF-Philippines) said as he referred to reports that the critically endangered animal had been sighted in various parts of the island.
Prominent examples include the Philippine eagle, the world's second largest raptor (a bird of prey), the Philippine tarsier (a tiny monkey-like animal), the tamarau (a wild cattle), the white-winged flying fox (a large fruit bat), bleeding-heart pigeons and a variety of hombins.