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Synonyms for tally

Synonyms for tally

a noting of items one by one

the total number of points made by a contestant, side, or team in a game or contest


to note (items) one by one so as to get a total

to gain (a point or points) in a game or contest

to be compatible or in correspondence

Synonyms for tally

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But after outgrowing his paddock, owner Mike Shaw and 15-year-old daughter Stacey Leigh donated Tally to Croxteth Farm.
Although Down endured a frustrating summer, it is understood that Tally was approached by a number of senior players following Ross Carr's departure last month.
If India have to stay in second position, it is certain we need to increase our gold tally. The last time in Melbourne 2006, India ended with 22 gold medals.
From their pool of newly discovered bacterial species, Tally notes, Cubist has isolated several chemical "hits"--novel compounds shown to kill other species of bacteria.
Tally looked at Lacey, then slowly turned his head and looked at me.
As Tally good-naturedly acknowledges the parasitic nature of the critic while she acquiesces to the artist's stance that the critic should stand behind the writer, she turns to the text, which to my mind renders her book a page-turner, the writing remarkably readable, sometimes riveting, often funny.
By the end, Tally finally makes the difficult decision to choose her own path.
When the "final count" (really just a count of the precinct tally sheets) was undertaken, which removed the 10,000 polling station lead Calderon acquired in the PREP count, things were once again looking good for Lopez Obrador.
The SEC's requirement that companies develop a "tally sheet" summarizing all forms of executive comp may not be a major hurdle, however; Derrick Neuhauser, a senior manager at BDO Seidman LLC, says that most Fortune 500 companies appear to be developing them already.
In Tally Youngblood's world, at age 16 everyone does become beautiful.
Tally can't wait for her Sweet 16 and the operation to transform her from "ugly" to gorgeous.
The Dash-3 F/A-18 blew through the merge with the Blue Air F-16s without radar contact or a tally, but several seconds later turned back into the fight based on a GCI call.
In agreeing to challenge the Ohio tally at the Electoral College, Boxer joined what she called "the fight for electoral justice."
The Red Hand County face the prospect of three high profile games in 14 days, starting with today's National Football League semi-final replay against Galway, but trainer Paddy Tally isn't concerned.
Appendixes include: the letter indicating completion (to be inserted); student journal form; tally sheet for classroom observation of student active involvement; student classroom environment survey; tally sheet of teacher feedback; tally sheet for completed assignments, extra credit assignments and portfolios; interest inventory--assignment choice; student self-assessment of desire to learn; tally sheet of correct answers for pre- and post-tests; and tally sheet for goals set and goal completion; (Contains 13 references.) (Author)