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Synonyms for stature

Synonyms for stature

a level of superiority that is usually high

Synonyms for stature

high level of respect gained by impressive development or achievement

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(of a standing person) the distance from head to foot

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5-year-old girl with primary amenorrhea, gonadal dysfunction, and tall stature not associated with the phenotypic abnormalities of this syndrome.
The body weights of subjects were measured using tefal (a trade mark) weighing machine of which accuracy degree is 0, 001 and their tall statures were measured using fixed stadiometer of which accuracy degree is 0, 001.
A striking figure with her tall stature and high cheekbones, she looked regal in a bright orange, traditional Indian outfit with elaborate beading and a shawl with gold trim.
Americans undeniably consider tall stature to be a valuable attribute.
Plant it at the back of a border where its tall stature and round, bushy habit will provide an impressive backcloth for more delicate plants.
Less indicative features, described as soft manifestations by Cantwell (1986), "include myopia, mitral valve prolapse, tall stature, joint laxity, and arachnodactyly" (long fingers and thumbs).
Those of tall stature usually experience a drop in blood pressure upon rising from a supine position too quickly.
Although the bread is traditionally baked in a paper-lined mold, we've improvised by baking the dough in doubled-up paper lunch bags, to give the panettone its tall stature and rustic simplicity.
All those he passes--ladies of wide girth, men of tall stature, children--must duck, weave, swerve, but not one Soul collides with a single gold shaft
Obesity, in combination with other VTE risk factors, has been shown to substantially increase the risk, so we wanted to assess the combined effects of tall stature and obesity," he added.
Despite enjoying a tall stature in Sikh politics and the patronage of the Congress, the elections are likely to be a challenge for Sarna for several reasons.
With the presence of Pawar, a leader of tall stature, and the UPA along with the able leadership of the Prime Minister we will be able to successfully deal with these issues," he added.
Common endocrine disorders besides Diabetes include Thyroid Di eases, Short / Tall Stature, Brittle Bones (Osteoporosis)/ Calcium Metabolism, Male and Female Infertility, Hirsutism, Gynecomastia, Ambiguous Genitalia, Sexual Problems & Steroid Disorders.
Malnutrition is the most common cause of short stature worldwide, while excessive weight gain is the most common cause of tall stature for age in children.