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Two or three nights after this, a little before dinner-time, while I was standing talking to her, she suddenly went very white, and in a fluttering voice gasped, "Look yonder
But it takes more than talking to make you look sharp.
With our 17-year-old, we can talk as if we were talking to another adult.
The essence of talking to children is to talk and listen when they are willing to communicate, not when you want to.
Active listening is a good technique, but how and when you use it needs to vary if you do not want to further alienate the person you are talking to.
According to the research, almost three quarters of respondents admitted talking to friends and family while on the toilet and 17 percent have actually fallen asleep while chatting on the phone to someone else.
The eyes truly are the window to the soul, and no one wants to be totally exposed, but, as a general guideline, look at the person you are talking to, recognize him or her as an important human being, and let the person see what you are thinking as well as hear it.
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