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an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion

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Earlier he had visited Rourkela once and his central schemes for the poor, including the rice for poor families, are slowing becoming a political talking point.
The team at Cardamon Green (above) and the |impressive fish tank which is always a talking point for the restaurant customers
The hope manifest in a volume like this one is best realized when local communities read the book in study groups utilizing the talking points and corresponding essays to initiate conversation with their own dialogue partners.
The researchers noted, "In summary, declines in Rakai HIV prevalence in the past decade are associated primarily with C and D" [1]--meaning Condom use and Death, extending the "ABC" alphabet of Abstain, Be faithful, or use Condoms, the talking point that represents a much more comprehensive social and national mobilization to prevent HIV in Uganda.
However, apart from providing the chattering class with a convenient talking point, the failure of Foolproof means very little except that Phillips has suffered a career setback after his promising debut feature, Treed Murray.
Anglers love a tall tale, so it's entirely appropriate that Allan Sekula's monumental photo cycle "Fish Story" has been a talking point since its appearance at last summer's Documenta 11.
The talking point in the show was the surprise eviction of 'Nasty' Nick Bateman after his scheming ways were discovered by the rest of the housemates.
I'm increasingly, and with some trepidation, working that into my presentations, especially those on leadership, and this issue (volume 26, issue # 2) gives me a great reference and talking point.
That may be your opportunity to share a compelling talking point or an elevator speech about why students need strong school library programs with certified staff.
London, July 24( ANI ): Britain's first ever Toure de France winner Bradley Wiggins has said he had thought of shaving his sideburns, but since they have become the talking point for many, he daren't shave them.
Summary: Readerspeak, the weekly forum and favourite talking point among readers in the UAE and overseas, is back after a summer break.
Still, it's a good talking point and a sound gesture.
Stewart also noted the shock expressed by politicians and their spokespeople when a reporter actually does challenge them to explain a talking point.
The possibility of the two Mersey rivals moving in together has been a major talking point over the past fortnight.