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Modern Talking Picture Service, for example, has promotional materials which are available to libraries.
PHOTO (1) Joshua Bryant, Taos Talking Picture Festival founder, displays event posters at the festival's offices.
Send your dad a personal message this Father's Day with this amazing talking picture frame.
Earlier in his career, Clark fashioned the elegant sets for silent movie actress Pola Negri's first talking picture, "A Woman of Commands" (1932), but his true mark would be made in the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers musicals during the Depression.
The motion-activated talking picture frames appear in over 300 men's restrooms from Los Angeles to Baltimore.
Randy Redroad, director of THE DOE BOY was selected as the second finalist at the Taos Talking Picture Festival.
The landmark edifice, which later became the first talking picture house in Ventura County, has hosted a junk store, an antique shop, the Conejo Players theatrical group, and was almost the home of prize fighting.
The two cosmonauts on the Soyuz flight, Talgat Musabayev and Yuri Baturin, also carried up a talking picture frame for U.
RadioShack Provides Talking Picture Frames With Photos, Messages From
In 1933, he directed ``Counsellor-at-Law,'' (John Barrymore's outstanding performance in the talking picture era).
New Mexico: The Taos Talking Picture Festival will run April 18-21, featuring four days of cinema, media literacy discussions, expositions and receptions.
Travel Tech International: Travel accessories including clocks, tools, travel massagers, travel office sets, grooming kits and talking picture frames.
1928: The first cartoon talking picture, Walt Disney''s Steamboat Willie, featuring Mickey Mouse, was shown in New York.
Media sponsors are Layalina and SMC, sponsors in kind for the show are Promethean, Talking Pictures, Design Creative, Manama Printing and Al Waraqoon.
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