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a talker on television who talks directly into the cameras and whose upper body is all that is shown on the screen

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Talking Heads opens at the Loft Theatre tonight and runs until July 28.
Yet the producers over this season have had hours of celebrity talking heads.
Sadly, less than a week after the synod ended, the Toronto-Kingston PYPS lost a minister who was more than a talking head to them.
Powers, who has recently appeared as a talking head in the Ken Burns documentary on Mark Twain, also grew up in Hannibal, Missouri, and gives often elegant descriptions of the area.
Films range from highly literal talking head presentations to morphing computer-generated drawings and more abstract reflections of architecture, urbanism and Japanese life.
This picture, on the other hand, pulls viewers into the picture, stressing the significance of the press conference itself instead of just describing another talking head.
But behind the mascara is a Harvard-educated lawyer, the former executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, and an AIDS insurance expert who was once a regular talking head on the TV talk show circuit, including Nightline.
Though recognizable images occasionally appear for an instant--a talking head, a screen of words--the electronic "noise" and data embedded in the signal gradually accumulate and take over.
B's film work shows her to be a virtuoso of the talking head.
She and her band will perform a selection of original tracks, as well as put an African twist on Talking Heads hits such as Once in a Lifetime, Born Under Punches, Crosseyed and Painless.
BiG SUiT: A Tribute To Talking Heads is a collective of nine musicians drawn to the cerebral adventures, infectious rhythms and pioneering music known to the world as Talking Heads.
Bennett's plays are testing grounds, and nowhere more so than in Talking Heads.
And viewers at home - instead of seeing the NYE Countdown Concert - were subjected to painful talking heads such as Joe Duffy inside, starting 2014 on a depressing note.
LAST year's team-up between veteran Talking Heads frontman David Byrne and upstart American singer-songwriter Annie Clark - aka St Vincent - initially seemed an unlikely union, but this live performance ably demonstrated that the two art rockers make excellent counterparts.
Grammy and Oscar winner David Byrne - yes, the onetime leader of the Talking Heads - comes to the outdoor stage at Cuthbert Amphitheater on Wednesday with singer-songwriter St.