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Synonyms for talk






  • speak
  • speak in
  • communicate in
  • use
  • discourse in
  • converse in
  • express yourself in


talk about or of something or someone


talk back


talk big


talk down to someone


talk someone into something


talk someone out of something


  • dissuade someone from
  • put someone off
  • discourage someone from
  • stop someone from
  • deter someone from
  • advise someone against
  • argue someone out of
  • persuade someone against
  • urge someone against

talk something or someone down: help to land


  • help to land
  • bring to land
  • give landing instructions to

Synonyms for talk

to engage in spoken exchange

to direct speech to


to express oneself in speech

to engage in or spread gossip

to meet and exchange views to reach a decision

to give incriminating information about others, especially to the authorities

talk back: to utter an impertinent rejoinder

talk down: to think, represent, or speak of as small or unimportant

talk into: to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

talk over: to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

talk up: to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

talk up: to make known vigorously the positive features of (a product)

talk up: to utter an impertinent rejoinder

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

the act or process of dealing with another to reach an agreement

Synonyms for talk


the act of giving a talk to an audience

a speech that is open to the public

idle gossip or rumor

deliver a lecture or talk

References in periodicals archive ?
It is thought that up to eight countries have been talked round but that is one short of a majority needed on the 15-nation Security Council.
But they were talked round and rapper Vanilla Ice, 43, even liked the twist, joking: "We have gone from skaters to haters.
SINGLE-MUM Stacey Solomon came close to quitting the X Factor this week because she is pining for her baby boy - but was talked round by lovestruck Olly Murs.
She got cold feet the next day but was talked round by Claymore's office manager - Garry Leigh.
Tevez has known about the City option for months and he is being talked round to the option after initial doubts because he did not want to let down United's fans.
He manages to get Michelle (Kym Ryder) to agree to meet him on neutral ground but it is immediately obvious that she is not going to be easily talked round.
Ronan is still a little reluctant but I reckon he will be talked round.
Grant was talked round by Roman Abramovich, only for the reward to come just days after that moment of destiny in Moscow.
Singer Robert Plant, 64, was opposed to the tour but has been talked round by bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.
Listeners will be talked round the city's best music hotspots by music journalist and DJ Jim Gellatly.
They were finally talked round, and the local police said I needed to leave, keep running, and find a safe house.
English-born Paddy, 30, whose dad is from Limerick, was eventually talked round and ended up shooting a series of tender love scenes with 26-year-old old Samantha on location in Ireland and New York.
The 32-year-old stepped down after Scotland's failure to qualify for this summer's World Cup finals but O'Neill believes Lambert can be talked round.
Singer Robert Plant, 59, was originally opposed to the idea but has been talked round by bandmates Jimmy Page, 64, and John Paul Jones, 62.