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the quality of being wordy and talkative

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Mood, cognitive, and behavioral changes during Intense creative episodes (in %) enthusiasm 79 energy 67 assertiveness 64 fluency of thoughts 62 ability to concentrate 57 sense of well-being 55 hyperesthesia 52 impulsivity 20 irritability 18 sexuality 15 drinking 14 talkativeness 12 fantasy-proneness 9 money-spending 8 anxiety 5 Note: Table made from bar graph.
They are characterized by emotionality, sensitivity, anxiety, talkativeness, apprehension, and deep reactions in the field of fine feelings.
Wendell's quiet nature complemented his talkativeness.
Therefore, this study aims to obtain some clarity on what effect philosophical group discussions following the Philosophy for Children (P4C) programme have on supporting children's verbal reasoning skills as well as on raising children's talkativeness and reducing the extent to which children answer "I do not know".
Before considering a diagnosis of MDD, patient should be screened for a past history of hypomania or mania (days/ weeks of expansive thought, decreased need for sleep, impulsivity, racing thoughts, talkativeness etc.
Hyperactive ADHD is evidenced by excessive talkativeness and fidgeting, with an inability to control impulses that may result in harm.
Extroversion is basically characterized with characteristics such as socialness, initiative, outgoingness, talkativeness, harmony, aliveness, leadership and activeness.
After all, this boy's needs and talkativeness shouldn't trip up your friendships.
Half way through the interview she has surprised you with disarming talkativeness one does not normally associate with Katrina's stand-offish image.
In particular, HB is characterized by feelings of anger and injustice or unfairness, and can involve behavioral symptoms, such as sighing, crying, talkativeness, and approaching open spaces (Chiao, 2015; Lin et al.
Behavioral changes include excessive talkativeness and increased self-confidence.
Coupled with a passage from Plutarch's Concerning Talkativeness (506a), which adduces the same Odyssean passage, M.
Similarly extraversion reflect assertiveness dominance talkativeness and enthusiasm (Zhao and Seibert 2006) and they mostly enjoy social situations and as consumer may have the tendency to buy just for the sake of fun.
Mephedrone is taken for its stimulant properties that reportedly induce effects similar to amphetamine-based drugs, including increased energy, talkativeness, empathy, and insomnia (Dargan et al.
Bipolar disorder (BD), especially manic symptoms, and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are thought to have a specific association or transaction because of their overlapping symptoms (including impulsivity, talkativeness, irritability, distractibility, and increased motor activity).