talk turkey

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discuss frankly, often in a business context

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MEDIA To talk turkey with Jean Schnelle, "The Turkey Lady"
The Hornets are searching for upgrades on the wing and at power forward, per those sources, and they are willing to talk turkey on basically anyone other than Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson," Lowe wrote.
Cooking with Essential Oils: Let's Talk Turkey - Ages 18 and up.
As Turks talk Egypt through Turkish lenses (or as they talk Turkey through Egypt), political positions are quite predictable.
If they want to disown Nick Clegg we can talk turkey with them.
Converters armed with lists of needs and wants were chatting it up in the booths and often sequestered with suppliers in conference rooms to talk turkey.
Comes with instructional DVD with live hen footage to help you talk turkey.
I thought I could talk turkey with a bloke who I've had a thousand conversations about football, cars and women.