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discuss matters that are related to work

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The film being a cheeky sex comedy, it is better if the people acting in it talk shop.
As a chairperson of this council, I direct that we should avoid, by all means turning this august House into a political talk shop, but we should rise above our differences and debate issues objectively in the interest of service delivery.
The Real Deal Editor Stuart Elliott recently sat down with Shaun Osher of boutique real estate firm Core to talk shop.
The talk shop will run from 7pm and will give big fans of the sport a chance to have a great chat about it," said a spokeswoman for the library.
It was a day for production reunions, to talk shop and to celebrate achievement in a noncompetitive setting.
For those who like to talk shop on the golf course, the BASF 2004 EIA Golf Invitational has been scheduled for Mon.