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  • verb

Synonyms for talk about

to consider or examine in speech or writing

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They talk about giving me a home job and I don't think I could stick it.
I don't think," Lady Conyers said, "the very nicest men talk about their adventures.
Rome said that not only was it important for him to go on both his radio and Fox Sports Net TV show Wednesday after missing Tuesday, but he wanted to go on to talk about the appropriateness of sports.
They are as follows: coffee talk, cigarette talk, aspirin talk, drug talk, ceremonial talk, discourse of identity, gender talk, race talk, and talk about class.
If you are not up to being in the presence of so much negative energy, you might say, "I'll be glad to talk about this when you are calmer.
Veritas Medicine, a comprehensive online clinical trials and treatment resource for patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies, and Talk About Sleep today announced a partnership which will bring millions of people with sleep disorders access to research studies investigating new treatment options.