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Synonyms for talismanic

having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

Words related to talismanic

possessing or believed to possess magic power especially protective power

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Talismanic stretched out well on the Polytrack and Fabre is hopeful he will be able to translate that effort on his first try on dirt in the $10 million Dubai World Cup.
There were no excuses - Talismanic was just beaten by a better horse on the day.
Thankfully, talismanic skipper Rich Wilkinson will be back to lead the side from the second row, having missed last week's demolition job over the Exiles.
Canberra: The West Indies captain Darren Sammy is predicting talismanic opener Chris Gayle's return to form during the upcoming five-match One-day series against Australia.
His 2008 Melissa: magie, astres et demons dans l'art italien de la Renaissance which analysed Italian Renaissance paintings with magical or talismanic significance offers a contemporary culture to which Capodieci can compare Valois France.
A shining light at Wigan was the performance of talismanic striker Kevin Doyle.
England's talismanic all-rounder underwent reconstructive knee surgery last year and is coming to the end of his rehabilitation.
The spine of the team - Trevor Koenig, Neal Martin and talismanic captain Sylvain Cloutier - moved on and a young, mobtile squad, designed to last the distance, was built.
The talismanic playmaker is currently in Germany to see a consultant about his metatarsal problem, which forced him to miss the African Cup of Nations.
Here are words Carl Phillips uses in his new book of poetry, Speak Low: jackdaws, shadowland, talismanic, cypress, wingbeat, plash, lightless, hoofbeat, stableboy, foxheads.
NMISSING talismanic striker and captain Kirsty Hunter, Whitley held out until 10 minutes from time, when Alice Thackray fired home the Yorkshire side's winner.
Confident they would enjoy the bulk of the crowd's support even while playing in the United States, and with the talismanic Sanchez at the helm and its stars recalled from Europe for the game, the Mexicans had conditioned themselves to believe victory was inevitable.
We're all really happy and Harrison is delighted to have a baby sister," said Town's talismanic frontman.
Consider Anti-Tumor Painting Two, 2005, in which Hill uses ink, dye, bleach along with blackberries and blueberries to put a god's-eye talismanic back into painting: It's as if a Stella were cracked open to explore its swirling, unruly interior power--history metabolized into something ominous but always elusive; painting released, if only briefly, from the bank vault of sheer commodity to an abyss.
Fabricated from the commonplace materials and crudely painted, they have a compelling talismanic quality, revealing the inner child in the artist and in all who connect with his work.