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congenital deformity of the foot usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle and heel and toes

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Genetic epidemiology study of idiopathic talipes equinovarus.
Down syndrome 1 236 Talipes equinovarus 1 087 Cleft lip and/or palate 943 NTDs 787 Albinism 344 Multiple priority CDs 290 FAS 73 Note: Table made from bar graph.
She was born with a condition called Talipes, so her foot was at a wrong angle at birth.
Club foot, also called talipes, is a condition where a baby is born with one or both of their feet twisted out of shape.
Little Oliver Baker-Clare has worn special boots every day from the age of three months as doctors at Birmingham Children's Hospital treated him for Talipes Equinovarus.
1372), absence deformities (n=9), musculoskeletal defects (n=6), talipes (n=5), contracture anomalies (n=4), brachydactyly (n=2), leg defects (disproportionate leg length; n=2), and overriding toe (n=2) (Table-I; Fig.
Maree Tugaga spoke about the work she does at the Whangarei Talipes Clinic for children with club feet and Tania Coles from Timaru spoke about how she highlights the EN role with the RNs she works alongside.
1 Deformidad pie I b) equino, talipes valgus, permanente en plano, valgo, clubfoot] la que la etc [right planta del pie arrow] equino, rota hacia plano, valgo, fuera, en etc.
He was born with talipes in his left foot, more commonly known as club foot.
He held a caseload consisting of children, including new born babies, with physical and learning difficulties, some who suffered from talipes (club foot).
8] There is a paucity of morphometric data of the human tali in South Indian population, and this study will be helpful to surgeons for surgical interventions during the treatment of talar neck fractures caused by trauma, in designing talar body prostheses, and in aligning the bones in the treatment of congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) or club foot.
Especially from North America: The American orthopedic surgeon, Professor Abel Mix Phelps (1851-1902), was associated with "his" method to treat spondylitis, the Phelps brace, Phelps gracilis test, Phelps operation--surgery for talipes, Phelps orthosis and the Phelps splint.
In between setting up all the field hospitals I had the opportunity to observe pre-operative appointments for surgeries such as talipes equino varus repair, tophus gout removal and hallux abducto valgus osteotomy.
Alex Singh, who is nearly two, has been in and out of hospital since birth as a result of his talipes, also known as club foot.