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someone employed to discover and recruit talented persons (especially in the worlds of entertainment or sports)


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I turned round and saw a man who said he was a talent scout and he was interested in signing my two daughters.
Talent scout Tee Ali, who met her on a shoot, said: "She was a dancer and a choreographer.
There was a talent scout from ITV2 in the audience.
But in 1996 he was hired by Oasis's label Creation as a pounds 15,000-a-year talent scout.
Ms Cook-Wilson worked with an Enterprise Talent Scout from the North East Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland to plan her business, finance and marketing.
He is focused on his role as a talent scout at the LTA.
Storm was founded in 1987 by legendary talent scout Sarah Doukas, who famously spotted the young Ms Moss at JFK airport in 1988.
CAREER: He was singing with a skiffle group when a talent scout noticed him and he was on his way to achieving his ambition to become Britain' s Elvis.
In 1923, an RKO talent scout brought the family to America, where they appeared as headliners for the opening of the New York Hippodrome.
A PARALYSED former footballer who can only communicate by blinking has got a job as a talent scout.
Talent scout Jack Hixon from Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, died in hospital yesterday morning at the age of 88.
Jonathan was discovered by a talent scout in a pool hall, where he used to hang out after being expelled from school at the age of 15.
Anyone wanting to perform at the Bar Inca talent scout heats should phone Shiloh on 0781 464 1843.