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Synonyms for talc

a fine grained mineral having a soft soapy feel and consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate

apply talcum powder to (one's body)

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The argument about the use of iodopovidone because of these 2 complications can be explained by the fact that the use of any effective pleural irritant, including talc [23] can and will produce intense pleuritic pain and a vasovagal reaction if analgesia and anesthesia are inadequate and the control of pain should be individualized.
Talc was first used by Bethune in 1935 for pleurodesis and since then it has been widely employed, either as talc poudrage or a talc slurry (3).
We were surprised to find that talc has added benefits besides causing scarring and taking away the fluid that surrounds the lung," Dr Antony said.
KEY WORDS: carpet installers, mycobacteria, silicatosis, silicosis, talc, tuberculosis.
No one has confessed to the true reasons powder manufacturers are marketing cornstarch rather than talc.
The mine cars, each with a 1 cubic meter capacity, are filled with talc and then transported by cable car from the quarry to the processing plant in the valley 5.
Roskill says that world production of talc fell by around 10% from 1996 to 2002, primarily due to lower output from China and the USA, which in 2002 accounted for 40% and 13% of the world total respectively.
Rio Tinto already owns a number of talc mines, including the world's largest talc mine in France and additional operations in Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
DALLAS, TEXAS - The problems of talc as a contaminant have attracted the attention of researchers who are discovering its use on condoms to be a serious health hazard to women.
The Talc and Pyrophyllite Market Review is an absolutely essential resource for anyone interested in detailed information on the reviewed market.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 21, 2017-Tulikivi proposes to investigate opportunities to exploit talc deposits in Suomussalmi concession
The [euro]64million came despite no scientific evidence linking use of the talc for feminine hygiene with cancer.
About 1,700 lawsuits in state and federal courts have been filed against Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn consumers that its baby powder and Shower-to-Shower talc products may cause ovarian cancer.
2018-047 or the "ASEAN Advisory Statement on Talc," it intends to protect children from talc inhalation in line with the product labeling requirements of the ASEAN, the European Union (EU) and Canada.
THE Oyo State Government has granted permission for the geological exploration of Talc (Talcum Powder) and other mineral resources in some parts of the state in order for the government to create a data bank of all the mineral resources deposited in the Oke-Ogun and Ibarapa zones of the state as well as enable both local and foreign investors to access them.