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smallest guenon monkey

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Finally, we confirmed the SIVtal infection of wild talapoin monkeys (Miopithecus ogouensis).
For the sexual impropriety popularly associated with monasteries at this time, also refer to de Cappony's 1701 comment: 'the sister of the King and others of the highest quality have also given rise to scandal: these great ladies, who could chastely remarry some mandarin in place of their husbands, we see or know of these ladies who go to the pagodas to live near the talapoins, the majority [la plus part] become pregnant' [J.
Rumbaugh (1971) originally tested gorillas, gibbons, and talapoins and found that there were qualitative differences in learning processes among these species, with the larger-brained ape species exhibiting more rule learning, compared with the more associative (S-R) learning exhibited by the other species.
Ils sont ecrits par un Incas lui-meme et traduit, je crois, par un talapoins [monk], mais les faits sont si interessans qu'ils font passer par-dessus tout.
deans, subdeans, rural deans, abdals, charm-sellers, archdeacons, hierarchs, class-leaders, incumbents, capitulars, sheiks, talapoins, postulants, scribes, gooroos, precentors, beadles, fakeers, sextons, reverences, revivalists, cenobites, perpetual curates, chaplains, mudjoes, readers, novices, vicars, .