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Synonyms for advantage

Synonyms for advantage

a factor conducive to superiority and success

something beneficial

something that contributes to or increases one's well-being

the quality of being suitable or adaptable to an end

a dominating position, as in a conflict

to be an advantage to

Synonyms for advantage

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First-time SCGA Golf Club players can claim relative success by surviving the most difficult of the Jones-designed challenges - most notably the uphill seventh and 18th holes, the dogleg, water-flanked 12th and both par-3 tests on the front nine - and by taking advantage of the short third and 15th holes.
While the recent retail upswing is primarily due to declining rental rates, the combination of reduced rents and a wide array of available retail space has attracted numerous retailers to New York, many of whom are taking advantage of current conditions to lease multiple locations.
We congratulate Annemarie along with all Chase customers for taking advantage of the Million Dollar Serve sweepstakes," said John Quinn, head of Retail Banking in the Tri-state area for Chase.
Similar to other growing, not-for-profit groups, IMMS was looking to enhance the online experience of its users while taking advantage of existing membership data to improve communication with its members.
By taking advantage of the law, Richland's exchange diverts more funds and protects more farm land -- 927 acres worth $5 million -- than any previous easement.
Now she is taking advantage of the 50 gallons of biofuel a month WVV offers to its employees at no cost and can fill up at the winery.
At its booth at Microsoft(R) TechEd 2006 this week in Boston, Trolltech will showcase popular Qt-based desktop applications which currently run on the latest Vista beta release, taking advantage of the many new advancements in the next-generation Windows platform.
Companies that prefer budget certainty may decide to lock in a price today, but they preclude themselves from taking advantage of lower market prices that may occur in the future.
Together, Allied Telesyn and Teknovus enable service providers and cable operators to transition from a copper-based, last-mile network to a fiber-based infrastructure, taking advantage of lower OPEX while adding premium services.
NEW YORK -- The hundreds of thousands of Internet depositors who have taken advantage of the high interest rates paid by the EmigrantDirect American Dream Savings Account can now effortlessly accumulate even more savings by taking advantage of the bank's newest product - an EmigrantDirect Platinum MasterCard that gives its holders 1.
The slow deregulation of the market is opening up opportunities for foreign insurers, who are taking advantage of the ailing local industry and their experience from international markets to move into new product and distribution areas.