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large heavily built goat antelope of eastern Himalayan area

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Financially, I think these refineries in Europe - specially those three countries that are having financial problems - would lose and suffer more than Iran would lose in finding other customers," Takin added.
Takin added that, in the event of EU sanctions, Tehran could find customers elsewhere for its oil.
The takin host an The Little Britain funnyman is taking off the make-up and the wigs to host an awards show - but it's a comedy version as Matt hands out gongs in categories no one else will.
VICTORY: Brit troops on the operation MAKING HISTORY: Private Aziz Watandosd takin g down the Taliban flag, left, and replacing it with the new Afghan flag
Takin as its draw blend battle year's reson metic was a depaKV 2KASABIAN Velociraptor
Of his prosecution by trading standards at his previous business, he insisted: "It's not like I harmed anyone, it wasn't for takin mone b deception " And he taking money by deception.
I was to abandon my natural game of takin on fullbacks and whipping in crosses for the strikers and instead drag their defender, Fachetti, out of position.
Manouchehr Takin of CGES said a ban on Iranian oil exports to Greece, Italy and Spain, "would hurt Europe more than Tehran.
He's takin and galvanised loan players who still had a bit to offer.
Cork proved even more inept at takin scores, with James Masters and Conrad Murphy both guilty of bad misses.
Tenders are invited for Soiling Work Of Tuliya Mein Murgi Farm Ke Paas Ganna Centre Se Devendra Pratap Ke Khet Takin Block Fatehganj W.
takin Michael Elias, Carmarthen #it park to a Tory council mefor PS30,000.
p jay takin away far to young thinking of harry an all the meadows", while another poster added "RIP James.
However, he said takin gup these issues legally requires a lot of time due to the cumbersome processes involved.