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Synonyms for takeoff

Synonyms for takeoff

the act of rising in flight


a usually amusing caricature of another

Synonyms for takeoff

a departure

the initial ascent of an airplane as it becomes airborne

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

humorous or satirical mimicry

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For a better understanding of the Construction Takeoff Softwaremarket, a better grip over the macroeconomic and microeconomic factors are needed as they are impacting the market towards progress.
Woolworths Group is the exclusive partner of Takeoff Technologies in this market.
While the two runways seem equivalent--even down to the pavement--they have one major difference that changes everything for takeoff and landing operations.
In evaluating the Husky's performance in the February 2016 issue of Aviation Consumer, we outlined our concern with the factory's claims of its takeoff performance and handling.
Figure 4 - A comparison of the differences ([DELTA]) between the three types of speed, tested on girls [DELTA] 20m linear [DELTA] A Speed on [DELTA] A 20m linear speed - speed track without speed - speed on track without takeoff - speed on on track with takeoff track with takeoff takeoff B.B.
"So we're really excited about this year's TakeOff Festival and the Family Day in particular, because we've got more shows performing than ever before."
After numerous failed attempts to communicate with tower, I had the copilot place a generic IFF code into the system and request permission to takeoff from tower.
solution, is a digital estimating and takeoff software for the construction industry.
(2006) Changes in long jump takeoff technique with increasing run-up speed.
Aircraft movements for the month increased by 2.0% to 40,904 takeoffs and landings and accumulated maximum takeoff weights increased by 3.4% to 2.4m metric tons.
Sources said the ATC gave permission to the Kingfisher aircraft, a Mumbai to Bhavnagar flight with 30 people on board, to takeoff around 1.36 pm.
"Since 1995, there have been nine reported instances of a rejected takeoff because of higher than normal control column forces at takeoff rotation due to the pilot inadvertently engaging the autopilot in lower-speed takeoff roll," the FAA reportedly said.
"Severe weather is affecting Sofia Airport, and the entire city," Plamen Stanchev, the airport director, stated, adding that: "The runways for takeoff and landing, and the taxiing approaches, have all been cleared".
Summary: An Ethiopian airliner transporting 85 passengers, including 54 Lebanese nationals, and seven crew members crashed shortly after takeoff from Beirut International Airport early Monday, Al Arabiya
At his Southwest Asia deployed location, and on the end of runway, SSgt William Ehinger was preparing a U-2 Dragon lady for takeoff. SSgt Ehinger was responsible for removing the U-2 wing pogo pins in accordance with his checklist, an action necessary to ensure the proper departure of the pogos during the takeoff sequence.