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(amateur wrestling) being brought to the mat from a standing position

a crushing remark

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Most requests were from the Chinese government which made 56 takedown requests over legal violation, leading to the removal of 517 apps.
I'm assuming the Cody letter reaffirms the original caliber, stock configuration and takedown feature.
Once Modafferi was able to get past the edge of Shevchenko's strikes, she pressured with punches of her own and put Shevchenko against the fence before scoring a pair of takedowns. Shevchenko defended well off of her back, but Modafferi closed the round in mount position, MMA Fighting reported.
Right after a quick takedown, Kim succeeded in getting a rear naked choke that forced Domingo to tap out just 1:12 to the match.
Hardwick took the round comfortably, continuously utilising his jab and feints to back Hardy up against the cage before methodically working for takedowns.
'The takedown is because there is this network of fake accounts that they are using to conceal their identity and make these pages look independent, when in fact they are not,' Gleicher told Dawn in a conference call on Monday morning.
Gabunada noted that opposition pages were not affected by the takedown, insinuating that the removal was meant to influence chances of pro-administration candidates in the upcoming elections.
'It all boils down to how well I defend myself from his takedowns, knowing how expertly he moves with this sole purpose in mind.
Ziech forced overtime with a takedown with 18 seconds remaining and secured the 8-6 victory.
Holland & Holland's Takedown Magazine rifle is the perfect marriage of a versatile cartridge, an action that changed the world, and a craftsmanship that is unmatched.
Most takedowns are over counterfeit goods and digital piracy
The 26-year-old fighter, based out of Long Beach, California, impressively dealt with Kyselova's wrestling prowess, scoring a takedown before latching herself onto the back of the Ukrainian.
Some point at how Chad Mendes, on short notice, was able to take him down regularly and give him a beating on the ground during their UFC 189 encounter while others point to how Nate Diaz easily submitted him when the Irishman shot for a takedown at UFC 196 two years ago.
Tenders are invited for expo 2020 dubai - build, maintain, takedown & legacy (construction)
Looking back, I'll give credit to the 1962 film "The Manchurian Candidate" for sparking my interest in takedown rifles.