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(amateur wrestling) being brought to the mat from a standing position

a crushing remark

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Offensive note: Many takedown shots never have a chance because of poor offensive position prior to the shot.
By going with the 10/22 Takedown design as the host for this barrel, Ruger was able to eliminate the potential issue with the fore-end because each Takedown barrel has its own specific fore-end.
I can't comprehend the feeling at all," Termini said moments after his decisive takedown.
The Makarov pistols are blowback-operated, and all share common takedown for cleaning and maintenance.
I defended his takedowns, and it was very tough for me.
The only difference is that instead of silver and ivory inlay and painstaking engraving, modern guns like the 10/22 Takedown Lite have racy, space-age fines and colorful coatings.
The Takedown Lite was introduced as a handier, more portable version of the Takedown rifle.
The TAKEDOWN Open Information Hub targets first-line-practitioners and provides modular solutions and inductive materials.
amp;nbsp;In 2012, Google alone received 54 million individual takedown requests.
While technically they are infringements, takedown requests could damage customer relationships and turn prior goodwill into feelings of ungratefulness and maltreatment.
THE FIRST QUESTION that came to mind when Guns & Ammo laid eyes on the new Ruger 22 Charger Takedown model was, Why?
Although the song is difficult to hear amid the static and background noise, there is enough of it that is audible--likely coupled with the title of the video duplicating the title of the song--that Stephanie Lenz, the mom in question, got word that YouTube received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice from Universal Music Corp.
In a September ruling, it agreed with a district judge who had held copyright owners must consider fair use before issuing takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
There's a Standard version that's similar in overall design to the original Charger from 2007 as well as a new Takedown version.