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(of salary or wages) remaining after all deductions including taxes

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In comparison, a single person on [euro]25,000 will only be [euro]227 a year better off - about 1% of their take-home pay.
average worker is PS102 a month worse Meanwhile, real take-home pay in the public sector fell 1.
The US$17 million operation will provide each girl with a take-home ration of 50 kg of wheat and three litres of fortified vegetable oil provided three times during the current school year.
Regionally, mortgage payments are the most affordable in Northern Ireland, which has seen strong house price falls in recent years, taking up 20% of take-home pay on average.
Roya Levi, this family dentist is now offering a complimentary take-home teeth whitening kit for a beautiful and vibrant smile.
Almost 99% of UK households buy take-home confectionery on at least one occasion a year, with a typical household spending an annual total of ?
Working out your take-home pay can be tricky but Pulse Umbrella make it easy for you with their contractor calculator ( http://www.
The lower tax rate would boost take-home pay in 2011 by about $800 for individuals with an income of $40,000 per year, for example.
First, although the women were able to describe how pesticide residue could be brought into the home from the worksite through a take-home pathway, many did not readily perceive their families, and particularly their children, as being susceptible to pesticide exposure and subsequent adverse health effects, as a result of this pathway.
BRITONS' take-home pay grew at its slowest rate for two years during 2007.
The growth rate of workers' take-home pay edged ahead by just 0.
THE average take-home pay of the proprietor of a Honda dealership in the UK is pounds 107,000 a year, according to Honda UK.
Someone on average earnings buying an averaged priced property with a 20% deposit can expect to spend nearly half of their take-home pay on mortgage interest repayments if the cost of borrowing rises.
PEOPLE saw a slight increase in the rate at which their take-home pay grew during May, following four months of declining pay rises, according to figures released yesterday.
While the state's economy is strong, with unemployment down and corporate incomes up, take-home pay has been flat "for about the last year or so," he said.