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Synonyms for take-away

of or involving food to be taken and eaten off the premises

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5% (n = 7) of menu boards in quick take-away restaurants and on 100% (n = 10) of menus in full-service restaurants.
Judge Philip Richards said that the "heinous offences" could be punished by nothing less than a custodial sentence and hoped to set an example for other take-away owners.
Robin said: "While I was working away it was easy to pop out for a take-away, whatever the time there was always something open.
Unlike the grease and stodgy meals that usually comes in take-away cartons, the healthy and fresh Japanese cuisine is a welcome relief from it.
As regards take-away meals, I don't remember a time when we didn't have our chippy around the corner.
The victim was walking home past the Golden Bridge Chinese take-away in Attleborough Road early on Saturday when a dark coloured Ford Escort pulled up beside him.
It follows a Court of Appeal ruling sandwiches and cold take-away foods bought from outlets operated by Compass Contract Catering in BBC Television Centre should be zero rated.
Ten years ago there wasn't the demand for such a high volume of take-away food or indeed take-away packaging.
A very short take-away conveyor and a longer, adjustable shrinkage conveyor (up to 25%) are necessary to monitor the distinct shrinkage behavior.
The latter project includes the construction of a 63-mile, 24-inch 450,000 Mcfd take-away pipeline that will traverse through the western expansion of the Barnett Shale gas play in North Texas.
KEITH Mallinson enjoyed my piece about the joy of take-away food.
It takes place on June 30 and aims to tackle issues surrounding the rapid increase in the number of hot food take-away outlets in town centres and the perceived effect this may be having on health and the rising levels of obesity.