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share in something


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Pamela, who was treated with chemotherapy, surgery and a course of Herceptin, said: "I owe so much to the people who cared for me in hospital and to Cancer Research UK, which is why I wanted to take part.
This is my second time to take part in the diabetes walkathon and I will continue to take part," said Renata.
The lawsuit maintains that InnerChange enrollees receive tangible benefits not available to those who don't take part in the program.
County libraries staff encouraged children to take part in the 'reading rollercoaster challenge,' asking them to read six books of their choice throughout the summer.
Last year we had about 2,200 people take part and we had a lot of medals and things left over which cost a lot of money, so we didn't want the same thing to happen.
In the autumn term, students from the city's two universities take part in a residential weekend followed by six Sunday sessions.
If you wonder whether to take part in a mental illness-related research study, this booklet may help.
A total of 18 insurance companies now take part in the on-line verification program (which in turn allows on-line registration).