take into account

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allow or plan for a certain possibility

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The regulations provide special rules for determining when to take into account deductions related to accrued compensation fixed and determinable by the end of the annualization period.
The strong overall rating of 'A+' continues to take into account LCRA's cost competitiveness in the ERCOT power market, the members growing power needs, and the belief that the members, in general, see value in continuing their long standing relationship with LCRA.
1503(d)-1(b)(14)(v) retains the mirror legislation rule with modifications to address its application with respect to mirror legislation adopted subsequent to the issuance of the current regulations and to better take into account the policies underlying the consistency rule.
We believe that any approach to dealing with human problems must take into account all of this complexity or it will lead to more problems.
702-1(a)(8)(ii) requires each pamper to take into account separately any partnership item which, if separately taken into account by any partner, would result in an income tax liability for that partner different from that which would result if that partner did not take the item into account separately.
JEA's ratings also take into account a favorable and growing customer base with no concentration, very competitive retail rates, and good plant operations.