take care

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  • verb

Synonyms for take care

be careful, prudent, or watchful

Related Words

be in charge of or deal with


take charge of or deal with

References in classic literature ?
that is a selfish, heathenish saying, whoever uses it; and any man who thinks he has nothing to do but take care of number one, why, it's a pity but what he had been drowned like a puppy or a kitten, before he got his eyes open; that's what I think," said John, with a very decided jerk of his head.
I cannot be expected to take care of his married children.
Go when you please--but take care how you spread scandals about me and my affairs when you're out of my service.
Mac soon came to think that no one could take care of him so well as Rose, and Rose soon grew fond of her patient, though at first she had considered this cousin the least attractive of the seven.
But what they needed initially was the capability to take care of people who needed to be moved to a place of safety.
But I use the Four Directions, using the West; I'll say to the West, tell the North, the East and the South and soougwioodeessuteh that this situation exists and that you need to take care of it.