take care

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  • verb

Synonyms for take care

be careful, prudent, or watchful

Related Words

be in charge of or deal with


take charge of or deal with

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But what they needed initially was the capability to take care of people who needed to be moved to a place of safety.
I would encourage employees to have confidence that MTMC will work its best to take care of them if they are the ones affected by reorganization initiatives.
But] one parent needs to stay at home and take care of all the business that needs to be taken care of.
The family believed that God had sent me to take care of my brother.
For a long time the church has tried to ensure someone was available to take care of our children by arguing that mothers should not be coerced into the labor force.
Elizabeti has a newborn baby sister and Ellizabeti's Mama must take care of her.