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Synonyms for tainted

touched by rot or decay


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In some places the shores were completely covered with a stratum of dead salmon, exhausted in ascending the river, or destroyed at the falls; the fetid odor of which tainted the air.
But I confess that many of the socialistic views that I have come across seem to me to be tainted with ideas of authority, if not of actual compulsion.
I would say that he was tainted with foreign ideas on the subject.
In the latter country, an honest development of democracy is certain to be stigmatized as tainted with this crime.
The term 'Savage' is, I conceive, often misapplied, and indeed, when I consider the vices, cruelties, and enormities of every kind that spring up in the tainted atmosphere of a feverish civilization, I am inclined to think that so far as the relative wickedness of the parties is concerned, four or five Marquesan Islanders sent to the United States as Missionaries might be quite as useful as an equal number of Americans despatched to the Islands in a similar capacity.
They have injured the finest mind; for sometimes, Fanny, I own to you, it does appear more than manner: it appears as if the mind itself was tainted.
The shores were lined with dead salmon, which tainted the whole atmosphere.
And money that comes from a tainted source is a degradation.
Clean or tainted, hot or stale, Hold it as it were the Trail, Through the day and through the night, Questing neither left nor right.
I have been set down as tainted and should be cheapened to them all the same.
At all events it isn't tainted money -- like the check I got for that horrible Reliable Baking Powder story.
Frequently, when passing at the distance of half a mile to leeward of a herd, I have perceived the whole air tainted with the effluvium.
There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted.
With such a smile then, and with a voice sweet as the evening breeze of Boreas in the pleasant month of November, Mrs Bridget gently reproved the curiosity of Mrs Deborah; a vice with which it seems the latter was too much tainted, and which the former inveighed against with great bitterness, adding, "That, among all her faults, she thanked Heaven her enemies could not accuse her of prying into the affairs of other people.
And mine own hatred have I even hated, because it tainted thee!