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support consisting of the movable part of a lathe that slides along the bed in alignment with the headstock and is locked into position to support the free end of the workpiece

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I lightly chamfered the bore hole in one end of the barrel blank so I would have a place to place the end of my live center that was in my tailstock.
Mr Jones said that, due to the length of the tube, Mr Nicholls had removed the tailstock.
5) applies a knurled dead center in the main shaft of the lathe and a knurled live center in the tailstock (Bragaru, 1998).
Integral to the unit is a multi-purpose part-handling device, which can index to an NC tailstock for shaft turning, or a vise for holding the workpiece while it performs multi-face operations.
4 tailstock, a quill stroke of 130mm and a work size of 120mm x 250mm.
Close up there were fresh abrasions around its snout and also around its tailstock.
In our case we asked them to design a test rig to replace an existing unit to test tailstock cartridges that needed to be made more user-friendly and, as a result, more efficient.
Blocks were mounted on the headstock with a spur center and on the tailstock with a ball bearing live center.
A digital receiver secures directly to the opposing spindle, tool holder, or tailstock, and provides precise alignment readings through a handheld display.
Counter-rotation of tailstock can be set at speeds of 300, 600 of 1200 RPM.
also says it can be used for sweeping the tailstock to alignwork in Steadyrest.
Standard features found on all of the company's USB "Y" Series roll builders include a solid, welded and machined base, available in a variety of lengths; a motorized tailstock for easier production setups; a pneumatically-controlled tape wrap attachment for wrapping rollers immediately after building; and synchronized spin/travel drives to build uniform rollers.
For large diameter pipe and long tanks, 4K Series utilizes A-frame headstock and tailstock designs with diameters to 24 ft and lengths to 60 ft.
Insert the (no throat) chambering reamer pilot into the bore, well lubricated, and advance the tailstock almost microscopically to trim the bore edge with the lathe in low speed position.