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Synonyms for tailspin

loss of emotional control often resulting in emotional collapse

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rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral

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The acquisition, which is pending regulatory approval, is the first strategic buy into the Russian banking sector since the recent financial tailspin.
However, the plan still needs to be approved by the Pensions Regulator, which sent the firm into a tailspin during the summer when it rejected earlier proposals.
The classic rock band Tailspin will perform on the main stage at 10 and 11:15 a.
Fundamentally however, Japan's economy is clearly in a tailspin with GDP shrinking at an annualized pace of 15.
Many critics predicted his role as Prussian Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg would send his faltering career into a tailspin.
British Midland Airways (BMI), Britain's second largest airline, which brings 17,000 visitors to Barbados annually, decided to abandon its flights from Manchester, England, by Easter, which could throw the island's tourism sector into a tailspin, reports the Barbados Nation (Nov.
The airlines must stop the tailspin that's hurting passengers and communities alike," said Mike Garcia, president of SEIU Local 1877.
That was the highest since July, just before financial markets went into a tailspin.
The investment losses stem from a sharp increase in subprime mortgage foreclosures in the United States that sent into a tailspin the U.
Yet the tailspin of Viasa, Venezuela's flagship carrier, was an airline disaster all the same.
Leaders came and went in the post-Reed era, and the group went into a tailspin.
Their Green Mountain idyll was thrown into a tailspin earlier this year when Sam was diagnosed with stage III-B Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Reticular piping coils through portions of Tailspin (all works 2005), recalling Louise Bourgeois's skein drawings, while ductwork vomits up a miasma evocative of Ralph Steadman's blood-and-guts illustrations.
But just when the sector appeared poised for a sustained tailspin, REITs rallied remarkably in the second quarter, posting 13.
In addition, her live-in boyfriend goes out to buy last-minute mustard for a dinner party and leaves her for an old girlfriend, throwing her into a tailspin of new men, lost jobs and new apartments.