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a watercourse that carries water away from a mill or water wheel or turbine

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The repair where required was minor and carried out on 3.5 KM underground Tailrace, draft tubes, bonnet gates, the MIVs and the generating units along with the auxiliary equipment.
Figure 16 shows the extension of damage zones of powerhouse, transformer chamber, and tailrace surge chamber with time.
In the process, the dam releases 70 cubic meters per second of water through its tailrace, a water channel below the dam.
A three-dimensional finite element model consisting of 119,028 nodes and 112,905 elements of an 8-node hexahedron was built, as shown in Figure 6, which includes the diversion tunnel, main powerhouse, busbar chamber, main transformer room, tailrace tunnel, and surge shaft.
The present study was undertaken to find out different geotechnical properties of Chitral slates for heavy construction such as dam components like a weir, diversion and intake, sand trap, headrace tunnel, access tunnel and tailrace. The work has helped to analyze the behavior of these rocks during construction and under the imposed loading of any proposed structure.
It is located along approximately five miles of the McKenzie River and consists of the dam and powerhouse; the reservoir, canal and tailrace; and Leaburg Village, built to house dam workers.
London, Mar.10 ( ANI ): A new marine current turbine generator, invented and developed by the University of Southampton, has been successfully installed in the tailrace of the Tata Power owned 150 megawatt (MW) Bhira hydropower station in Maharashtra.
The project also involves the construction of the HRT, surge shaft, penstock and a powerhouse tailrace channel, and is proposed to have four units, each of 120 MW capacity.
The proposed generating station includes a dam with a water intake and penstock, powerhouse and tailrace channel.
After passing through the turbines and into a surge chamber, the water is released into Loch Awe along a tailrace 7m in diameter and 975m long.
Fred admitted that the live shows - in Drymen last night, the Rowardennan Hotel tonight, The Drover's Inn at Inverarnan tomorrow, Bridge of Orchy Hotel on Thursday and Tailrace Inn in Kinlochleven on Friday - may be the hardest part of the week.
Our study was conducted in the lower Cowlitz River between the tailrace of Mayfield Dam (rkm 84) and the city of Longview, Washington (rkm 9; Fig.
2 tailrace re-routing project in Douglas County, Oregon.
Under the settlement, the four parties have agreed that they will: excavate and dredge contaminated soil and sediment east and west of South Street, in the former Mill Tailrace along the Neponset River and within Lewis Pond; treat contaminated groundwater that regulators say poses a risk to surface waters; create land use restrictions for the site; and create a long-term monitoring strategy for surrounding soils, sediment and groundwater.